Noodle 1

Ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso (6th from left), ASEAN Secretary-General Dato Lim Jock Hoi (7th from left), and the Permanent Representatives of ASEAN lock hands. Photo c/o the ASEAN Foundation.

The Permanent Mission of the Philippines to ASEAN held a Mini-festival of ASEAN Noodle Dishes at its chancery on 18 March 2019, entitled sem sem but no sem, to showcase the celebration of ASEAN’s unity amid diversity. Ambassadors of ASEAN member States and their spouses demonstrated how to prepare Brunei Soto, Khmer Curry, Bakmi Goreng Jawa, Lao Khao Piak Sen, Char Kuey Teow, Mohinga, Pancit Palabok, Laksa, Tom Yum Goong and Phở.

ASEAN Secretary-General Dato Lim Jock Hoi and his spouse, Datin Chan Chin Ming led the special guests consisting of Ambassadors of ASEAN Dialogue Partners, Executive Director Elaine Tan of the ASEAN Foundation, the ASEAN Women’s Circle, and members of the diplomatic corps, who had their fill of the delectable ASEAN noodle dishes.

Earlier in the morning, Ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso hosted a cook show where each Ambassador demonstrated the ingredients and preparations of their country’s favorite noodle dish. She interviewed the chefs on the manner of preparation and presentation of the dishes, and the native as well as foreign influences of the dishes in the cultures of ASEAN member states.

Noodle 2

Ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso with Ms. Doris Novicio (Philippines), who is cooking pancit palabok

The content produced from the event will be turned into a cooking video and a recipe book that is envisioned to promote ASEAN cuisine and raise awareness of ASEAN. The video and the publication will be distributed through the ASEAN Secretariat, the websites of the Permanent Missions of ASEAN, the capitals of countries where ASEAN Committees in Third Countries are situated, and via social media channels.

Noodle 3

Ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso with Ambassador Hajah Kaslamati Binti Dato Seri Laila Jasa Haji Mohamad Kassim and her spouse Mr. Penigran Noor Azman

In her welcome remarks, Ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso stated that she hoped the project would be “a legacy to future generations,” a tradition for the Permanent Missions of ASEAN, as well as ASEAN Committees in Third Countries to follow in order for them to create something tangible in promoting ASEAN to a wider audience.

Noodle 4

Ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso with Ambassador Dato’ Shariffah Norhana Syed Mustaffa (Malaysia), who is demonstrating how to cook Char Kuey Tiao

As a festival would not be complete without a sumptuous meal, an ASEAN-inspired lunch was also served by the Mission featuring the noodle dishes that the ten Permanent Representatives to ASEAN prepared for the event. END.